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Birthday Party:

Time to sing Happy Birthday to you for your loved one.. Let Famous Bawarchi be the first one to shake a leg and make your party the most memorable service with our birthday party catering service. One is never too old to celebrate their birthday, and the more is merrier, and mouth-watering yummy food makes it cherrier! Need a helping hand for birthday party catering, think Famous Bawarchi!

Get Togethers:

To bring our family and friends, there never needs to be to big a reason, any reason is good enough. Famous Bawarchi believes that such occasions are meant to ensure you get to spend more quality time with your loved ones than spending your time or your spouse time in grocery shopping, selection of menu, cooking and final serving. With a similar or small budget, you can get to have a good time at your own party as well. For any or such occasions, what to enjoy the joy of good food without having to cook it yourself, call Famous Bawarchi!

Private Party:

Some parties are for selected few, let them be business associates, neighbours, family or school colleagues. Such parties deserve your attention to the guests than bothering with the food. Plus, such parties sometimes are critical to make that lasting impression for the next step of success that you wish to enjoy with those very close business associates or friends. Why take unnecessary pains in the kitchen when the master of whipping up and serving the loveliest menu is at your service. Yes that master at your service is Famous Bawarchi!

Anniversary Party:

Time for reliving that big day for yourself or for a lovely family member or even that friend! Who said whipping up a party is difficult. All you need to do is get in touch with the experts and let them work their magic to tease the taste pallets of the host and the dost alike. A big plus, you only need to focus on the aspects not involving the kitchen, because the king of kitchen art will ensure that you are served with the best meals to grace the special anniversary party and make it more special Celebrate Anniversary Parties, partner with the expert Famous Bawarchi!

Kitty Party:

Why should boys have all the fun? True. This goes double true for instances where women come together to celebrate the joy of being themselves with friends to freak out at a Kitty Party. The purpose is pure pleasure. While you love to whip up cuisines for your loved ones, why not let an expert do the same for you in your own Kitty Party. Not only will it make you feel more cheerful, but also super ready to complete other important aspects to make your kitty party extremely memorable and a grand success. Come on, its time to celebrate you, let Famous Bawarchi do its magic while you get dressed, ready and set to rock and role.

Kids’s Birthday:

It may not be the first birthday. Who said your little champ cannot have a lot more birthdays with as much fun for them as well as you? While you make sure your kid and their friends are having a blast, Famous Bawarchi will bring to life the food that will only add to the lovely memories of your kid’s birthday party. Want to show your love by playing with them?? Go ahead and organise, rest assured Famous Bawarchi will take care of all the catering aspects.

School Party:

Organising a party in your school? Famous Bawarchi is your best catering solution for this. You no longer need to stress with the menu, organising of catering related aspects, as we are equipped to take care of everything in and around the food. The children and teachers can enjoy the food, while Famous Bawarchi does what it is rightly famed for providing mouth-watering, yummy hygienic food. Go ahead and make that party happen, Famous Bawarchi will take care of your catering related worries.