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Special Occasions


Picnic Lunches:

Famous Bawarchi understands that the word picnic immediately creates a picture of fun in the minds of all invitees and organisers. These menus should be designed to ensure that the element of fun and energising is the strongest. With all the games to play, food is the most important priority. What could be more important than a good meal to complete the series of good times organized by you. To put it in short, you worry about the date and time, Famous Bawarchi will commit to make that picnic lunch a success with its catering services.

Fashion Shows:

So much of glamour, so much of style. That is what fashion shows are about. While food is not a priority at the time of the show, the post –fashion show party without good food can be a bad compromise. Famous Bawarchi assures to provide mouth-watering food, fit for the kings, who like to celebrate a good success of another glamourous event. All that you need to do is call, and make a booking with Famous Bawarchi to cover the catering aspects of the event. You will definitely be more than satisfied with our excellent food and services.

Meet Ups:

There may be no other reason than simply to MEET UP! Time to make it worth it, you focus on the agenda at hand, or the fun in games to make the meet up a success. Famous Bawarchi will put its heart and soul to complete the promise of the culinary delight with its quality, value for money catering service in Bangalore.

Photo Shoots/ Movie Shoots:

Got a lot of glamourous people making attempt to create a master piece? What would be the key to delivering good results and keeping your team and the artists motivated? Famous Bawarchi says GOOD FOOD makes GOOD SENSE! With so much artistic endeavour, food is never top of the mind, but the right quality and quantity of fuel to the body and the brain not only nourishes but enhances the overall productivity of the project at hand. Since we know you will be busy with the photo shoots or the movie shoots, let Famous Bawarchi take care of taking care of the catering off shoots and serve you mouth watering as well as soul filling foods.

Theme Parties:

The way some parties have an agenda, some parties have a prescribed look and feel to the onlooker such that one feels part of a particular time space, cultural insight, community or any other such themes that may come to your mind. Not many realise that with so much of effort already invested, the right catering service can ensure that the food and the service to such parties can add another interesting layer, look and feel to the entire party. For example a jungle theme party with its beautiful décor would definitely get more interesting if the food is selected to match the theme and served in a manner that feels like it’s a part of the entire plan than standing out as the routine feature. If you have a plan, Famous Bawarchi will help you turn it to reality with its catering expertise in Bangalore.

Location Based Parties:

Some parties are created for a particular place, like an open roof top party, or say a beach party, the hill stop fun party, the indoor party, the glass house party and so on. Thus, based on the location the party aspects are worked into. When you discuss with Famous Bawarchi, based on the realistic ground where the food has to be served, we can create a customised menu to make sure that the food matches the serving conditions in ways not only to make it a non-taxing experience but also to make your choice of the location and occasion a hit in the minds of your invitees. You will have questions pertaining to the food and menu, the best answer to which is Famous Bawarchi!