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Our Services

Famous Bawarchi is capable of whipping a large number of services in relation to food and food.


To give you a preview of our services, we do:


Let it be your parties for home, office or kids, themes, or any random occasion you can think of. We are the kitchen genius who ensure that you get to play hard, party hard, while we take care right from cooking to serving, cleaning and moving out. There is a lot of evolution coming up in catering depending on the customer specific needs that best caterers would want to provide at value for money prices.

Menu Designing

Food is an art. It needs to be planned like the attire of a bride, or the interiors of your house, with aspects of not just taste and quality, but also functionality. Our team is has a number of options you can pick from, or even can design options that you may wish to choose for your occasion or party at hand. Then making that dream plan a reality needs to be left at the experts, and yes we do it with style and flair, just as was promised.

Décor Arrangement

Food, presentation and décor almost go hand in hand. The way the aromas set the stomach ready to eat, the décor for the party chosen to present that food is the key to success then. When the décor comes to life, it ensures that it becomes a sensory experience for more than just your pallates and leaves a lasting impression in the guests hearts as well.

Desert Selection

Deserts are like the finale to the taste buds. They are the last exotic flavours with which the guests leave a party and etch a memory in their minds from. Famous Bawarchi, provides you Indian as well as continental desert options, coming out from the masters’ kitchen only. The way the food needs to be right, the deserts need to be even more right. There is only one perfect way of making it happen, the road is called Famous Bawarchi.